Our Policy

Dransfield Hotels & Resorts operate this website. Our privacy obligations are governed by the Australian Privacy Act 1988. Those requirements apply in relation to personal information about all individuals who use our website. 

What do we collect 

Whenever it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we only collect information about you directly from you. We only collect personal information about you which is reasonably necessary to:

  • consider applications for research publications and approaches you make to us
  • maintain your contact details

We generally hold personal information relating to:

  • your industry of work; and 
  • your contact details.

Why do we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information about you?

Our primary purpose in collecting, using and otherwise handling and disclosing personal information about you is to promote use of our websites and to select and offer to you products or services which we think will be of interest to you, including products and services available from third parties.

As well, we may use, handle and disclose personal information about you for related secondary purposes, such as:

  • processing and responding to any complaint made by you; and
  • complying with any law, rule, regulation, lawful and binding determination, decision or direction of a regulator, or in co-operation with any governmental authority of any country (or political sub-division of a country).

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that all information we hold is as accurate as is possible. You are able to contact us at any time and ask for its correction if you feel the information we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete.

How that information is used 

We only use and disclose personal information about you for the purpose for which it was disclosed to us or related purposes which would reasonably be expected without your permission. For example, we may from time to time use your personal information to inform you of new Dransfield publications available or to provide information about services which we expect may be of interest to you. However, we do respect your right to ask us not to do this. We do not sell personal information to other organisations to allow them to do this.


Keeping information secure 

We use security procedures to protect the information we hold. Access to and use of personal information within Dransfield is appropriately limited to prevent misuse or unlawful disclosure of the information. Where the personal information we collect is no longer required, we delete the information. You can contact us to request access to your information. We will give you full access to your information. However, there may be some legal or administrative reasons to deny access. If access is denied, we will provide you with the reason why.

Please contact us at mail@dransfield.com.au for any further questions.